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BIM in Brazil

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BIM FÓRUM BRASIL (BFB) is a national, neutral, non-profit civil association that brings together the various agents of the Construction Production Chain involved and interested in the dissemination of the concept and practice of Building Information Modelling (BIM). It was conceived to join efforts that aim to stimulate the adoption of BIM in the public and private sectors, optimizing efforts and initiatives, uniting the leaders so that their actions are democratic, isonomic and have the necessary representation of all interested parties.

The governance structure of the BFB, guaranteed by the bylaws, does not allow any specific group to dominate its direction, maintaining the neutrality and wide representation of the various agents in the Construction Chain. Its Working Groups, part of its Scientific and Technical Committee (CCT) , develop different projects and initiatives aimed at the practices and dissemination of the uses of BIM, such as articulation between entities, content production, training and education programs, among other actions.

At the international level, BFB works in exchange with similar entities from other countries, seeking to exchange experiences and references for excellence in BIM practices.

If your company, institution or public agency operates in the Construction Industry and believes that the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) generates value and reduces waste, join us.


To be the reference entity of BIM in Brazil, recognized as a leader in the actions for its diffusion in the country, contributing to the digitization of the construction industry.


Promote BIM in Brazil, coordinating efforts to expand its diffusion and adoption in the country, in a neutral and harmonious way, contributing to increase the competitiveness, quality and productivity of the national construction industry through research, training, support for standardization and development of best practices in BIM.


Coordinate BIM macro adoption actions and efforts;

Minimize overlapping activities;

Acting on the dissemination gaps;

Make better use of scarce resources (financial, human, etc.);

Maximize results;

Reduce waste of materials, labor and time in the development of public and private buildings.


BIM Fórum Brasil proposes to act in the following areas:



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