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Working Groups


The Working Groups develop strategic themes proposed by the BFB for the discussion, development of solutions, or dissemination of knowledge, hovering problems and challenges of the Construction Industry practically and systemically. 

Objective: Install the chapter buildingSMART Brazil.
Benefits: Participation in bSI actions; dissemination of best interoperability practices; contribution to the BIM qualification of individuals and companies.

Coordinator: Gustavo Carezzato | Graphisoft and BFB Administrative Council

Secretary: Natã Melo dos Santos | Exponent Engenharia

Discover and be part of buildingSMART Brasil

  • Group 2: BIM Forum Explains!

Objective: To produce a series of short videos about BIM.
Benefits: Promote the clarification of misunderstood themes regarding BIM and wide dissemination.

Coordinator: Eduardo Toledo | BFB Consulting Council

Secretary: Joyce Delatorre | Autodesk


Watch the first Series, with 7 videos: 

Watch the second Series, with 7 videos: 

  • Group 3: Characterization of the diffusion of digital technologies and   practices in the Brazilian construction sector

Objective: To conduct a recurrent national survey on the diffusion of digital technologies and practices in the Brazilian construction sector, with special emphasis on BIM.

BenefitsThe current and evolving diagnosis of the diffusion of digital technologies and practices can offer useful information to evaluate priorities in the design and execution of actions aimed at developing BIM in the engineering and national architecture sector. The result can be compared with similar studies in Latin America and support continental diagnosis.

Coordinator: Alessandra Beine Lacerda | BFB Consulting Council

Secretary: Fernanda Machado | Autodesk


Access the 2022 Research Results:



Research e-books:

  • Group 4: Contracting – Guidelines for incorporating BIM into contracts and public notices

Objective: To produce the collection "BIM Contracting Guides" with three volumes, dealing with the Basic Concepts and Requirements for BIM Contracting (volume 1), Private Contracting (volume 2), and Public Bidding (volume 3).

Benefits: Characterize information requirements, capabilities, and competencies that must be made explicit in notices and contracts aimed at delivering and operating assets with BIM; characterise BIM execution plan in the context of contracting; relate the production of information associated with contractual execution regimes.

Coordinator: Ricardo Ferreira Gois | Sinduscon-DF and BFB Treasurer

Secretary: Bianca de Miranda | Senai-DF

Access the Collection "BIM Contracting Guides":

  • Group 5: BFB International Event

Objective: To promote the BIM Forum Conference Brazil annually, involving all stakeholders in the application and dissemination of BIM in the Construction Industry.

Benefits: Articulation and international positioning on the theme, support to the government and strengthening of the actions of deployment of the BIM BR Strategy throughout the AECO market; fostering the greater maturity of the AECO market; BFB award (national).

Coordinator: Erik Vinícius | Sinicon and BFB Administrative Council

Secretary: Cristiane Magalhães | Firjan 

Visit the event website:

  • Group 6: Structure of Educational Objectives and BIM Competencies

Objetivo: To develop a conceptual scheme to establish Educational Objectives and BIM Competencies focusing on the Brazilian market.
BenefitsEstablish a reference that guides minimum contents for different professional training in BIM; foster the training of professionals trained in BIM; establish a reference for certification of BIM professionals; sensitise learners to the skills and knowledge they need to develop.

Coordinator: Ricardo Bianca | Autodesk

Secretary: Carlos Bomfim | Senai CIMATEC

  • Group 7: BIM objects for Civil Construction manufacturers

Objective: To develop a Guideline of BIM object modeling guidelines that contemplates all categories of manufactured components and specificities of modeling platforms (BIM developers); identify mechanisms for the application of the Good Law to foster BIM object development initiatives by manufacturers; produce the base text for the publication of the NBR of BIM Objects proposed in the CEE-134 of ABNT.

Benefits: Understanding the effort and cost of BIM modeling by manufacturers; subsidies in knowledge for a motivation campaign with manufacturers to model their components; facilitating BIM modeling by designers by fostering the availability of quality BIM libraries by manufacturers; expediting the publication of ABNT standards.

Coordinator: Ricardo Pires | CCB

Secretary: Lígia Pires | MPD

  • Group 8: Road Show with BFB Business Round 2024

Objective: To develop and promote the standard Event 'Road Show' with Business Roundtables.
Benefits: Bring knowledge to the general public about BIM and the BIM Forum Brazil, accelerate the adoption of BIM in Brazil; contemplate cities not benefited from BIM dissemination initiatives; expand partnerships with BFB.

Coordinator: Jeferson Spiering Böes | BFB Administrative Council

Secretary: Daiane Azambuja | Exponent Engenharia

Check out the III Seminar of the BIM Forum Brazil 2023 working groups by clicking here.

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