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Collegiate #3

Collegiate #3 - Contractors and Builders


This collegiate group includes contractors of all sizes and types of works and services, as well as builders of public, private, building or infrastructure works. Its members are interested in BIM particularly for the construction phase and are service providers. This collegiate also includes associations and entities that mostly represent the interests of the mentioned public.



Representatives on the Administrative Council

  • Chair 1

    • Incumbent: Ricardo Alexandre Gois Ferreira (SINDUSCON-DF) - mandate: 05/22 to 05/24

  • Chair 2

    • Incumbent: Erik Vinícius de Aquino e Santos (SINICON) - mandate: 05/22 to 05/24

  • Chair 3

    • Incumbent: Jeferson Spiering Böes (INOVACON) - mandate: mandate: 05/22 to 05/24

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