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Scientific and Technical Committee

THE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL COMMITTEE is the BFB department responsible for the development and management of the various initiatives for the dissemination and application of BIM organized in technical-scientific projects defined by the vote in the ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL.

It is composed of a Coordinator, Vice-coordinator and Members of the various WORKING GROUPS (WGs). These functions are defined by election, have no remuneration for positions and have a term of 2 (years).

Working Groups

WORKING GROUPS will be created as the COUNCIL defines the various BFB PROJECTS, meeting periodically for the development of its activities.

Work meetings are private, however, the participation of members not associated with BFB is allowed, at the discretion of the leader of each WG, being an unpaid activity like the others in the forum.

The WGs must report the progress of their activities to their Coordinators, who in turn report the status of each project to the ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL and other collegiate members of the forum.

Project Management - Operational





Fernanda Machado

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Regina Ruschel 

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