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Collegiate #4

Collegiate #4 - Project, Coordination, Consulting and Management Offices


In this collegiate project companies (architecture, building systems, structures, automation, etc.) are grouped together, project coordination, construction management and consultancy. Its members are interested in BIM particularly for project activities, planning, budgeting, analysis, etc. and are service providers linked to BIM. In this collegiate, associations and class entities that mostly represent the mentioned public are also included.



Representatives on the Administrative Council

  • Chair 1

    • Incumbent: Rogério Tsuyoshi Suzuki (VISTTA|S CONSULTORIA) - mandate: 05/22 to 05/24

  • Chair 2

    • Incumbent: Humberto Farina (IN PREDIAIS) - mandate: 05/22 to 05/24

  • Chair 3

    • Incumbent: Stefania Dimitrov (SONDOTÉCNICA ENGENHARIA DE SOLOS) - mandate: 05/22 to 05/24

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