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On December 7, 2016, Minister Liam Fox (United Kingdom) and then Minister Marcos Pereira signed at the MDIC - Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, at 17:30, a MOU - Memorandum Of Understanding that established the cooperation for the implantation and dissemination of BIM in Brazil.


On June 5, 2017, the Presidential decree that created the Strategic Implementation Committee of BIM - CE BIM was published , with the objective of proposing, within the Federal Government, the National BIM Dissemination Strategy.

The published decree defined that the Presidency of CE-BIM would be of the MDIC - Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services and established, in Ordinance No. 1734 , of September 8, 2017, the direct involvement of the following other Ministries and Organs that make up the Federal government:

  • Civil House

  • defense Ministry

  • Ministry of Planning, Development and Management

  • Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications

  • Ministry of Cities

  • General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic

On October 26, 2017, CE-BIM defined and approved the internal regulations of the collegiate. It also defined the composition of the Technical Support Group - GAT BIM , made up of government representatives.

CE-BIM also validated the creation of 5 ad hoc working groups , which were supposed to complete their activities by July 2018:

  1. Regulation and Standardization

  2. Technological infrastructure

  3. BIM Platform

  4. Government procurement

  5. Human resources training


8 "BIM specialists" were invited to participate in these working groups and collaborate with the development of the BIM dissemination strategy within the Federal Government:

Ad hoc Working Group #1

Regulation and Standardization

Volunteer BIM Specialists:


Gustavo Carezzato

Architect and urbanist


Wilton Silva Catelani

Civil engineer

Ad hoc Working Group #2

Technological Infrastructure

Volunteer BIM Specialist:


Sergio Scheer

Civil engineer

Ad hoc Working Group #3

BIM platform

Volunteer BIM Specialists:


Alessandra Beine Lacerda

Architect and Urban Planner


Humberto Farina

Civil engineer

Ad hoc Working Group #4

Government Procurement

Volunteer BIM Specialists:


Roger Suzuki

Architect and urbanist


Rafael Fernandes Teixeira

Civil Production Engineer and Materials Engineer

Ad hoc Working Group #5

Training in Human Resources

Volunteer BIM Specialist:


Eduardo Toledo Santos

Electrical engineer

Other bodies also participated in a series of work meetings, led by MDIC servant Talita Saito, for the development of the BIM BR Strategy, including:

  • CAU - Council of Architecture and Urbanism

  • CBIC - Brazilian Chamber of the Construction Industry

  • DNIT - National Department of Transport Infrastructure

  • Sebrae - Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service

  • SENAI - National Service for Industrial Learning

  • ABDI - Brazilian Industrial Development Agency

  • Infraero

  • Ministry of Transport

  • Ministry of Health


This may have been the origin of the idea of ​​creating a new entity in Brazil, focused on the BIM theme, to represent the construction chain in a neutral and comprehensive way.

The BIM BR strategy was instituted through Presidential Decree No. 9,377 , published on May 17, 2018, by then President Michel Temer and is currently governed by Presidential Decree No. 9,983 , published on August 22, 2019.

At the end of 2018 CBIC and SENAI Nacional started a study to research ´correlated entities´ focused on the BIM theme, already existing and active in other countries. For the technical coordination of this study CBIC and SENAI Nacional hired consultants Eduardo Toledo, Rogério Suzuki and Wilton Catelani.

More than 50 related entities were researched and focused on the BIM theme, which already exists in more than 40 different countries.


This study found that 8 of these entities were called ´BIM Forum´:

  • BIM Forum Argentina

  • BIM Forum Chile

  • BIM Forum Costa Rica

  • BIM Forum Mexico

  • BIM Forum Panama

  • BIM Forum Czech Republic

  • BIM Forum Uruguay

  • BIM Forum (USA)

It was concluded that the new Brazilian entity to be created should be called BIM Forum Brazil.

CBIC and SENAI Nacional supported the ´proposal´ structuring for the structuring and operation of the BIM Forum Brasil, specifying the constitution of collegiate bodies, thematic technical work groups and the elaboration of a ´status´ draft that would guarantee the governance of the entity in a neutral and comprehensive manner.


In the search for alternatives to continue the initiative to create the BIM Forum Brazil, the idea arose to reunite the same 8 experts who had already contributed to the elaboration of the BIM BR Strategy, for the formation of an "Interim Administrative Council", that could lead the actions for the effective opening and creation of the new entity.

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