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It is now possible to officially join the BIM Forum Brazil!

To associate your company, association, public agency, autarchy, institute or any other legal entity to BFB, and start enjoying the benefits, follow the steps below:

1) Read the BIM Forum Brasil bylaws and make sure you are in agreement with the purposes of the BFB, and the duties and rights of its members;

2) Choose the member category , according to the benefits and value of the annuity most appropriate for your entity;

3) Choose the collegiate that is closest to your interests related to BIM;

4) Download the BFB association contract, available here;

5) Read, complete and sign the contract;

6) Generate a signed PDF version (save to PDF with digitalized signature, scan text with signature or sign PDF version with digital certificate);

7) Upload here (or by clicking the button below) the BFB association contract signed with your entity's social contract or other document that proves the condition of legal guardian of the associate entity of the one who signed the contract.

8) Wait for contact from the representative of BIM Fórum Brasil, confirming that your proposal of association was approved by the BFB Board of Directors and with instructions for depositing annuity / installment ;

9) After setting up the deposit, your entity will officially be a member of BIM Fórum Brasil, appearing on the members page and receiving the benefits of the category in which you joined.

Product/service portfolio


Hydrosanitary Projects 

Hydrosanitary Projects are a set of disciplines in the area of fluids, presenting their respective piping sizing, technical drawings and solutions involving compatibility with other major areas of engineering and architecture within a real estate project: Cold water; Hot water (plumb recirculation, point-to-point water recirculation, central heating, solar system, mixed systems); Sanitary sewage; Fat; Foam; Rainwater; Rainwater use; Reuse of gray water; Surface drainage; Flood Containment/Detention.

Electrical Installations Project 

Preparation of building and industrial projects for low, medium and high voltage electrical installations: sizing of energy input, distribution, electrical panels and panels, cabling, drives and protections. Lighting projects for internal and external areas, lightning protection systems (SPDA), surge protection measures (MPS), grounding systems, design of photovoltaic solar generation systems and diesel generator sets.


Fire Prevention and Fighting Projects (PPCI)

Fire Prevention and Fighting Projects (PPCI) is a document that systematizes and details the necessary elements to be foreseen to guarantee the safety of occupants and assist in fighting fires, aiming for approvals with the fire departments of each region in accordance with the standards and specifications and the good execution of these security systems within the work, presenting the following elements: Escape routes; Emergency exits; Stair ventilation (pressurized* or not); Emergency lights; Emergency Signage; Positioning of extinguishers; Fire hydrants; Sprinklers; Vertical and horizontal compartmentation.

*Mechanical design is also necessary due to ventilation equipment.

Piped Gas Project  

The objective of developing a piped gas project is to present solutions involving the safety of residents and users of buildings, protecting and ensuring ventilation and/or clearance interventions necessary to mitigate the occurrence of accidents. The project determines the place where appliances that use gas to operate points such as heaters, stoves, fireplaces, among others, will be inserted. This project can be applied to: Residential Buildings; Commercials; Industrial. Types of projects we develop: Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG); Natural Gas (NG); Medicinal gases such as nitrous oxide and oxygen.


Communication Project 

The communication project (SDAI, CCTV, TV, Intercom and Telephony) as a whole aims to generally detail and guide the execution of telecommunications and monitoring systems for buildings, including telephone, TV, structured cabling, CCTV, access control , Fire detection and alarm system (conventional or addressable) and home automation.

SPDA project

The SPDA project aims to protect the building from atmospheric discharges. At SPDA, the project is designed to capture and dissipate atmospheric discharges to the ground, in a safe way that does not affect the structure of the building itself or its occupants.


HVAC projects

The projects for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems aim to correctly dimension equipment that guarantees thermal comfort and air exchange in environments due to their respective uses, with the set of documents required by standards being included in project delivery. by current legislation.


Raphael Stanczak / Commercial Director

+55 41 3779-3207

+55 41 99233-3636

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