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It is now possible to officially join the BIM Forum Brazil!

To associate your company, association, public agency, autarchy, institute or any other legal entity to BFB, and start enjoying the benefits, follow the steps below:

1) Read the BIM Forum Brasil bylaws and make sure you are in agreement with the purposes of the BFB, and the duties and rights of its members;

2) Choose the member category , according to the benefits and value of the annuity most appropriate for your entity;

3) Choose the collegiate that is closest to your interests related to BIM;

4) Download the BFB association contract, available here;

5) Read, complete and sign the contract;

6) Generate a signed PDF version (save to PDF with digitalized signature, scan text with signature or sign PDF version with digital certificate);

7) Upload here (or by clicking the button below) the BFB association contract signed with your entity's social contract or other document that proves the condition of legal guardian of the associate entity of the one who signed the contract.

8) Wait for contact from the representative of BIM Fórum Brasil, confirming that your proposal of association was approved by the BFB Board of Directors and with instructions for depositing annuity / installment ;

9) After setting up the deposit, your entity will officially be a member of BIM Fórum Brasil, appearing on the members page and receiving the benefits of the category in which you joined.


The portal reached the end of the first half of 2022 with more than 21 thousand users and a monthly average of 552 new registrations between January and June – which represents a total of 23,081 accesses.

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Democratizing BIM

ODemocratizing BIM is a basic BIM training course, divided into two conceptual modules and in an EAD format aimed at professionals in the AEC sector.

The training takes 8 hours. The first module, entitled Basic Concept of BIM, addresses some concepts such as historical contextualization, foundations, regulations and success stories. The second module, BIM Objects, brings the definitions, characteristics, classification, nomenclature and information added to objects for the different Dimensions (D's) of BIM, among other aspects of this topic.

In addition, practical modules are regularly launched within the scope of Democratizing BIM, with remote, live classes on a variety of topics. 


The course has more than 6 thousand students, and until June 2022 there were 1,145 new enrollees, 626 certificates issued and a total of 13,503 visits to the page. Due to its lean workload and robust and easy-to-understand syllabus, the course has been used by both companies and academia to level basic knowledge on the subject of BIM. In the migration phase to be hosted at the Virtual School of Government (EV.G) of the National School of Public Administration (ENAP), Democratizando BIM will strengthen the basic knowledge track in BIM available on the largest Public Administration course portal and will be able to reach an even greater number of professionals from both the public and private sectors interested in professional development.


BIMBR Platform Team

+55 61 3962-8700

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