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Marseille Airport

The expansion of Marseille Airport in France consists of a new central building between Hall I (Hall POUILLON), car park P6 and Hall 3. It consists of a basement floor, ground floor, two raised floors and a roof. The area of implementation of this expansion is 10,400 m², with a construction area of 24,600 m².


By using BIM in the Airport project, we were able to develop it in an integrated manner, improving the entire project process, from its conception to its execution.

Peace Stadium in Bouaké

The project considers the remodeling and expansion (from 25,000 seats to 40,000 seats) of a football stadium in the city of Bouaké, Côte d'Ivoire, for the CAN 2023 competition. The structure of the stadium involves a solution of reinforced concrete porticos and a metal cover with approximately 2 cm of console. Architecture, Engineering and Infrastructure projects were also carried out for a condominium of 32 villas, and projects relating to the rehabilitation of 12 training fields and support changing rooms were also carried out. The Project was entirely developed using BIM, in an integrated and coordinated manner.



In the football stadium project, in the city of Bouaké, we managed to achieve good results by offering our client better control and planning of the work, better visualization of the supply chain, more assertive quantities and interference management.

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The project consists of building a technological valley with the ambition of promoting the meeting between companies, culture, art and community. The project will be implemented in an area of 155.820 m², of which 55% dedicated to green spaces, and will be equipped with commercial spaces, services, a hotel unit and office buildings.
QUADRANTE was responsible for the development of Engineering and consultancy projects in terms of sustainability for the new FARFETCH offices, covering the phases of Preliminary Study, Licensing, Execution Project and Technical Assistance on site. 
The services included projects for: Structures, Excavations and containment, Building hydraulics, Electrical installations, Telecommunications, Security, GTC, Mechanical installations and ventilation, Gas projects, Elevators, Acoustics, Thermal, Municipal solid waste.

In collaboration with Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), responsible for the architecture of FUSE VALLEY, sought to ensure the virtuous coexistence of the architectural solution and high levels of environmental performance and operational efficiency. The main objective is to develop Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB), LEED Platinum and WELL Platinum certifications.


The Project was entirely developed using BIM in an integrated and coordinated manner. The applied BIM models boosted more efficient coordination, as well as fluid communication between all stakeholders. The exchange of information was ensured through a CDE – Common Data Environment in the cloud, allowing synergies between all Engineering specialties, technicians in the Environment and Sustainability area, Architecture and the client.  The analysis of the various solutions was carried out through simulations, of which we highlight 6D BIM, which allowed our teams to study the sustainable behavior of buildings in the face of different variables.


Pedro Moniz / Country Manager


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