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It is now possible to officially join the BIM Forum Brazil!

To associate your company, association, public agency, autarchy, institute or any other legal entity to BFB, and start enjoying the benefits, follow the steps below:

1) Read the BIM Forum Brasil bylaws and make sure you are in agreement with the purposes of the BFB, and the duties and rights of its members;

2) Choose the member category , according to the benefits and value of the annuity most appropriate for your entity;

3) Choose the collegiate that is closest to your interests related to BIM;

4) Download the BFB association contract, available here;

5) Read, complete and sign the contract;

6) Generate a signed PDF version (save to PDF with digitalized signature, scan text with signature or sign PDF version with digital certificate);

7) Upload here (or by clicking the button below) the BFB association contract signed with your entity's social contract or other document that proves the condition of legal guardian of the associate entity of the one who signed the contract.

8) Wait for contact from the representative of BIM Fórum Brasil, confirming that your proposal of association was approved by the BFB Board of Directors and with instructions for depositing annuity / installment ;

9) After setting up the deposit, your entity will officially be a member of BIM Fórum Brasil, appearing on the members page and receiving the benefits of the category in which you joined.


The project, the result of a study lasting around 12 months, was carried out in Bagheria (Sicily, southern Italy) by the PROG.E.CO office of architect Giovanni Di Stefano, which adopted the ACCA Edificius software for the architectural part. Starting from the DWG files, in just 10 days the office was able to start and close the entire project.



Giovanni Di Stefano


Sevilla Tower

Torre Sevilla is an emblematic skyscraper in the city of Seville. With a total height of 180.5 m, the building consists of 40 floors: 20 for offices and conferences; 15 for hotels; 4, at the top, housing a restaurant, viewpoint and technical facilities. It also has four underground levels for the parking area.

The project took care of the BIM modeling of the Tower and was carried out by Leandro Javier Martín Ramírez, a Spanish academic who adopted Edificius to complete his TCC at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Seville. More information at



BIM modeling encompassed the main structure and environments of the Tower. Each plant was classified according to its use, reaching around 8 typical plants. Each standard floor presented the coverings and partitions necessary to bring the model as close as possible to reality. Additionally, 3D objects were added that help the project have more realism. The project modeling totaled 283,630 m², equivalent to the surface of 35 football fields. Finally, several renderings were created in different areas of the Tower, covering each of the floors and the entire exterior.


Leandro Javier Martín Ramírez

Mechanical Engineerín-ramírez-0505711b2

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